Chancellor’s Message


In today's world, developments are accelerating in all areas. The university is the pioneer of these developments as the driving force behind the societies. In fact, research conducted at universities is taking steps ahead of what is happening in the society
If universities fail to keep pace with these inclusive developments in the international community, their products, which are highly specialized manpower and up-to-date research, will not be compatible with market demand. The Islamic Azad University of the UAE, as one of the old universities in Dubai, is responsible for matching its products with today's dynamic market. Short-term courses, summer schools and interdisciplinary are our new strategies to meet market demands. What looks like a short-term vision for survival and a medium-term vision to adapt to the market seems to be the distinctive features of the university.
 In the long run, what distinguishes a university from others is the research potential and what is actually the university is established for, namely, contribution to knowledge. Innovation and concentration to solve community challenges will distinguish universities in today's saturated society