Associated Diploma Program in Computer Engineering

Program Description:

Islamic Azad University, UAE branch, offers the Associate Diploma program in Computer Engineering (ADCE) to provide educational services to the Iranians residing in the UAE and to promote the level of scientific knowledge of the graduates of the three-year technical and vocational high school diploma in computer science. This program only is taught in Persian because it intends to cater to the needs of the vocational high school graduates of the Iranian schools in the UAE. One of the great benefits of Associate Degree in Computer Engineering is that the students are not required to pass the Pre-University Courses, as opposed to the requirement of Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. The applicants can register in ADCE after the completion of technical and vocational diploma with a Grade Point Average of 14 out of 20 in the last year of high.

Program Objectives:

In the two-year program of ADCE, the students will be familiarized with the concepts of software, hardware, computer networks, data structures, databases, system programming and web programming. They will obtain the knowledge of understanding the basic principles of programming as well as maintaining the computers, computer networks, and computer systems. In addition to the fundamental knowledge they gain about the basic computer concepts, the graduates will undergo initial training to become skilful and ready to further their studies at the bachelor’s level. The ADCE graduates are practically trained to work as a computer technician who is familiar with a variety of computer-related fields and will be able to assume responsibilities with the desired quality.

Duration of the Associate Diploma in Computer Engineering is two years and the list of the required courses that need to be passed to earn the degree according to the approval of Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology of Iran is as follows.

List of Courses:

  • General Courses       14 (Credit Hours)
  • Basic Courses           5 (Credit Hours)
  • Core Courses:           14 (Credit Hours)
  • Major Courses           40 (Credit Hours)
  • Elective Courses:       2 (Credit Hours)


Total Credit Hours is      75(Credit Hours)

Note: Those students who lack the required minimum knowledge in the field may be required to pass a maximum of nine credit hours of prerequisite courses.

Associate's programs in computer engineering cover fundamental skills related to database management and networking to help students find acceptable employment in different IT computer-related and careers. Graduates will be able to transfer credits into the bachelor's program in computer engineering without attending the entrance exam.


Learning Outcomes:

Students are expected to develop the following skills, abilities, and competencies, upon the successful completion of this course:

PLO1 Develop a broad theoretical understanding of Database concepts, Data Structures, Software Development and Multimedia Environments.

PLO2 Identify, analyze, and solve problems in the area of computer engineering.

PLO3 Demonstrate ability to engage in professional development.

PLO4 Apply the knowledge, techniques, skills, and modern tools of the discipline in the actual workplace.

PLO5 Conduct standard tests, measurements, and experiments in the laboratories.

PLO6 Apply the knowledge of mathematics, and technology in identifying and analyzing the real life problems.

PLO7 Build an effective rapport with peers in a team work.